Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hey there, Deal Hunters!

     Hi! My name is Lauren and I am the face behind Deal Me IN! I wanted to introduce myself to you and give you a head's up on what's going on with us.
     Deal Me IN! was started as a service to find YOU the very best deals on the web. It is our mission to save ourselves and you lots of money. You may have noticed all the deals I have been putting up lately on FB, like this recent one from, or this one for a Wii 4X Quad Charging Station from, or this one for the NEW Ipod Touch from  I try to do this as soon as they cross my desktop, just in case they are limited time offers.
     I'm in the process of getting our website fine-tuned so that you can access all the current deals in one handy dandy place. The site should be up and running within a week. We are also still trying to nail down the exact look we want for our logo. I'm thinking maybe it should be a little more subtle than it is right now, what do you think?
     Have you "liked" us on FB yet? Or signed up for our Sweepstakes? These are both great ways to get yourself in the running for some Great Prizes, in fact we just gave away our first prize ever, 6 big bags of Popchips when we reached 100 fans. We will give something away for every 1,000 fans and at 10,000 fans we are giving away an IPad 3g. So sign up and "like" us and you'll have at least 2 chances for each of the drawings.
     I look forward to bringing you the best deals I can find, and I welcome any and all suggestions for things you might like me to find deals on for you!

Make sure you check us out before you go shopping!


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