Saturday, September 25, 2010

Football Widow ;(

     Since my beloved Chicago Bears are on Monday Night Football this week, tomorrow I will be a football widow alongside most of the women in the country. My husband has at least 2 Fantasy Football Teams and plans to watch every game he can get on the TV, while sitting in front of the computer and keeping an eye on all of the games he cannot actually watch. Anyone else have this problem? What's with this Fantasy Football anyway? After numerous years I still do not see the attraction in forming your own team and competing with others, with players you have absolutely no control over.  Where's the skill in that?
     Anyway, to fill my time and in rabid anticipation of the long awaited return of Brothers & Sisters tomorrow night, I think I will host a marathon viewing of Brothers & Sisters: Complete Fourth Season, which I pre-ordered in May from, shortly after the season ending in which both Holly Harper and Robert McAllister's lives were left hanging in the balance. Now, I LOVE this show but if you've never watched it, I suggest you start from the beginning with Brothers and Sisters - The Complete First Seasonand go from there, as each year of it is very important to the overall story
     What are some of your favorite shows, one that you couldn't bear waiting the ENTIRE summer to have back on your screen, one that you couldn't dare miss (or DVR)?

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